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In Soccer News…

November 12, 2009
(Original photo by Travis Long, courtesy the N&O)

#15 N.C. State scored a nice upset over rival #2 UNC in the first round of the ACC Men’s Soccer Championships Wednesday night. The Pack won 1-0 in overtime following a scoreless regulation, besting the Heels 4-1 in penalty kicks.

Goalkeeper Christopher Widman not only stopped three of UNC’s penalty-kick tries, but also scored a penalty-kick try himself on the Pack’s third attempt.

Coach George Tarantini, a man of few words, said when asked about Widman taking one of the penalty kick tries, “We have our little routines.” Translated, that means Widman and the other goalkeepers typically practice stopping penalty kicks against one another, meaning Widman had as much — if not more — practice taking them. He proved his mettle by netting his attempt.

The win puts State into the semis but more importantly galvanizes the success this team’s enjoyed all season. A win against the second-ranked Heels means they can beat any team at any time, a huge confidence boost heading into the postseason.

In other soccer news, former N.C. State soccer great Roy Lassiter is up for inclusion into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. If inducted, he would be the second N.C. State alum to enter the Hall, following the inclusion of Tab Ramos.

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