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Time Lapse Video Of Carter-Finley Reveals Late Filling Student Sections, Late Returning Alums

September 9, 2009
First off, a HT to the folks over at SFN for the find. This is a time lapse video shot at Thursday night’s game by News Channel 14’s on-site crew.

Beyond the inherent coolness of a time lapse shot of Carter-Finley during a game, two things stood out to me:

1. We have GOT to revamp our student ticketing policy. While the bottom sections filled up nicely well in advance of most non-student seating, the top section doesn’t completely fill in until well into the game action (0:19). It kind of negates the visual appeal that State marketing folks were hoping to achieve with the whiteout. Sure, it’d be nice to get a shot of all the students in their white shirts, but I’d rather you don’t if it means getting a good look at the empty top of the student section.

2. I know most folks disagree with me on this point, but I think it’s time to put an end to passouts. I hate to lose any more long-standing traditions as much as the next Pack fan, but this is one whose time has come. The 3/4 full stands at the start of the third quarter (0:31) look sad, to put it kindly, and I’ve heard enough stories from visiting fans that have dealt with unruly drunks late in the game to convince me that a (relatively) sober capacity crowd at the start of the 3rd quarter should outweigh the desire of folks to leave the game at halftime to chug a few.

Can we make a trade? Passouts for a lifting of the tailgating restrictions?

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