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Twitter Stuff: Chad Johnson Is Insane, Thinks The Gov. Is Keeping Cures For AIDS, Cancer Under Wraps

August 17, 2009
This is Chad Johnson. He is insane.

To wit, Johnson, AKA Chad Ocho Cinco, tweeted out the following edict to his followers:

# If you could be invisible for a day who and what would you spy on, take, kidnap etc.about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

A whole host of his followers (all insane, also) have replied with their own ideas on what they would do if they were invisible. But the interesting ones come from Johnson himself with regards to the cures for AIDS and Cancer:

# If Esteban [NOTE: Chad refers to himself as Esteban] was invisible I’d steal the cure for Cancer and Aids, if we figured a way to the moon we have the cure for those diseases to.26 minutes ago from TwitterFon

# @WhoisMAYA Listen, there’s a cure for any and everything, trust me, they are controlling population, that’s how I feel.14 minutes ago from TwitterFon in reply to WhoisMAYA

# @WhoisMAYA We are to smart as a country not to have figured out a cure for deadly diseases like aids and cancer, child please, they have it!13 minutes ago from TwitterFon in reply to WhoisMAYA

# @FARRAH1228 they got that shhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel they controlling population, it might sound corny but we figure out everything else sh^%12 minutes ago from TwitterFon in reply to FARRAH1228

For those trying to keep up, Chad is saying:

  1. If we have the capability to get to the moon, we surely have figured out the cures for AIDS and Cancer
  2. The U.S. Government (presumably) is keeping these cures from the general population as a means to control the population through disease

Sure, looking to a man who legally changed his name to “Ocho Cinco” for logical takes on, well, anything is probably asking too much. But damn Chad, seriously? The government is retaining the cures for AIDS and Cancer for its own gain?

Maybe they were just hanging onto them until Obama took office so he could release them as part of his universal health care plan…

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