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Great Read: Time To Get The Magic Back At State

August 6, 2009
If you have a moment, read this piece from Sharon O’Donnell of the Cary News. It’s the plea of a State fan (who graduated from UNC’s Journalism School, no less) for the return of State basketball to where it once was during the Triangle basketball heyday.

When State would play its arch rival, Carolina, I was excited the whole day at school; not even a math test could bring me down. I still remember the theme song that played during the game broadcasts, with Jim Thacker and Billy Packer doing the play-by-play. During my junior high years, I was lucky enough to attend many basketball games and sit in great seats courtside because one of my sisters had a good friend who dated the athletic director’s son. And this friend knew I was a huge State fan and invited me to attend with her (thank you Brenda!).

As I sat in the coliseum second-level seats the other day, I gazed down on those courtside seats and suddenly, it was like I was 13 again. I heard the N.C. State fan song in my mind and smelled the popcorn that used to permeate throughout the building on game night. I realized that I missed Reynolds Coliseum.

Nice work, Sharon. Believe me…we all feel the same way.

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