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James Henderson Of Talks Recruiting With Jim Young Of

July 17, 2009 link

Some highlights from the conversation:
There’s been plenty of angst about the news that Lorenzo Brown will be attending prep school instead of N.C. State next season. In your mind, how big of a loss is that for the Wolfpack?

I think it’s a big loss on paper and in the minds of fans and media outlets, but the truth is no one knows just how much Brown would have been able to contribute as a true freshman.
Are fans on your site placing the blame for the Brown situation on Lowe, or are they arguing that now Lowe should definitely be given a fifth season so that he can bring in Brown and Ryan Harrow in the Class of 2010?

The details on Brown’s situation are so unclear right now that I don’t think anyone really knows who to place the blame on. In my opinion, it’s hard to place the blame on Sidney Lowe when he’s a basketball coach at N.C. State and doesn’t deal in academics at Brown’s school, Centennial High. That’s a situation that Brown, Centennial and the NCAA Clearinghouse have control over… not Sidney Lowe.
I remember you were very high on Robert Crisp during his junior season. Now that he has committed to N.C. State, what is it about Crisp that you like so much?

The overall package of tools he brings to the table. In my opinion, as an offensive line prospect, it doesn’t get much better than Rob Crisp. At 6-foot-8, 300 pounds, he has long arms, outstanding feet, and an abundance of natural athleticism. He has a tremendous upside and is extremely coachable. I’ve been saying it since last year when I saw him at the Adidas Camp that I think he’s arguably the top pure prospect in the state I’ve seen since Mario Williams, but that’s just my opinion. He has a bright future if he can stay on the right path and avoid injuries.

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