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God Hates Us, Vol. 2

July 12, 2009
Lorenzo Brown appears to have failed to qualify for the 2009 season and instead will prep next season.

First Nate; now this. It’s been a helluva summer thus far. There’s no official word on the matter as of yet, but those in the know have confirmed that what initially looked like a simple matter of an incomplete class that could be made up in summer school has manifested itself into a full-blown failure-to-qualify.

Looking for a silver lining? Brown and point guard wunderkind Ryan Harrow will now likely enter school together, allowing Brown the option to begin his career at his more natural two-guard position versus having to play the “savior” role at point in ’09-’10.

But can Sidney last to 2010 with another season of guard play like he saw in ’08-’09? I think the chances of him getting fired in the coming year are slim because I think the team — with or without Brown — will perform as a more cohesive unit next year. But should State finishe in the bottom fourth of the league again, he may never get to coach either of his elite guard prospects.

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