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OMGWTF! Zac Efron In A Wolfpack T-shirt! LAWLS!

June 21, 2009
If you’re over the age of 18 you probably have no idea who the hell Zac Efron is, although if you’re a parent with pre-teen children you probably have heard him blaring through your kids’ speakers ad nauseum as part of the quizzically popular “High School Musical” franchise and neven known his name.

For the purposes of this post, just assume that Zac is known the world over and worth more than everyone in your neighborhood combined x 100.

Which makes it somewhat puzzling and unusual as to why he — not to my knowledge in any way associated with N.C State — showed up at the V-Fest 2009 in Montreal last week wearing a vintage Tuffie State shirt alongside his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens:

A part of me likes to think that Zac is a big fan of Triangle college basketball and — in an effort to go against the grain — decided to become a fan of the Pack instead of either of the two blue bellies up the road.

Probably, though, he just found it in a Goodwill t-shirt bin somewhere.

[Zac groupie]”Nice shirt Zac! The Wolfpack? Who are they?”
[Zac]”I don’t know…just found the shirt somewhere for a dollar.”
[Zac groupie]”Awesome!”
[Zac]”Get out of my face.”
[Zac groupie]”Awesome!”

Thanks for wearing it anyway, Zac. We’ll take whatever promotion we can get. And hey, it could be worse:

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