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Tom O’Brien Chat Recap From

June 1, 2009

You can find the RSS feed of today’s chat with Tom O’Brien here, or swing by and click on the replay feature on the chat window.

Some highlights:

[Comment From GravisJr]
Coach – how is Javon Walker looking? Do you think he will be able to contribute this coming season?
Coach O’Brien: Javon is still working with the training room staff and hasn’t made it onto the field with the strength and conditioning program yet. He’s looking at a possible return to the field during camp in August. The only person who looks like he might not be back for the start of camp is Donald Bowens, who may be looking to a September-October return.

Well that sucks. Sure could use both of them at full speed against South Carolina.

[Comment From TOB4President]
What do you consider the thinnest position group on the team?
Coach O’Brien: (I only chose this question because of your great user name!). On offense (and we’ve already discussed this some), it would be the line. If we had to do a two-deep today, the second team would have three redshirt freshmen and Wayne Crawford, who just moved over from the defensive side of the ball. So lack of experience there is a concern. On defense, we face the same challenges with our secondary. There will be inexperienced people in backup roles that we may have to count on early in the season.

[Comment From Ashewolf]
Do you think halftime pass-outs should be eliminated?
Coach O’Brien: That is is a decision for our university administration to make, however, it’s very important to the football team that at kickoff, whether it be the start of the first quarter or the start of the third quarter, that our fans are in their seats ready to cheer the team on. Also, with so many televised games, it doesn’t portray an accurate picture of our awesome atmosphere when the stands are only partially full.

No real surprise here that a coach would like to see better attendance prior to kickoff and the third quarter, but it did set up his closing statement:


Coach O’Brien: Thank you all for your excellent questions and sorry we didn’t get to all of them. I look forward to seeing you in Carter Finley Stadium (before kickoff!) this fall. And to help make that happen, we’re going to have the ‘Calling of the Wolves,’ 20minutes before kickoff and five minutes before the third quarter kickoff so that everybody is in their seats in time. You’re the greatest football fans in the nation and it’s an honor to be the coach at NC State University! GO PACK!!!!!

Interesting idea, though I thought they tried this once before with less-than-stellar results. Someone help me remember…was that an O’Cain thing that petered out when Amato arrived, or did Amato institute it and then let it wither on the vine?

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