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Preview Of The State/USC Game At

June 1, 2009
An interesting breakdown on crucial out-of-conference games for the ACC this year, starting with State’s tilt against the Gamecocks.

I like reading third-party previews of State’s games because there’s no rooting interest one way or the other. The State/South Carolina game figures to go either way–State fans think State will win easily at home; South Carolina fans think there’s no way they lose to a team they beat last year 38-0.

So an opportunity to read an outsider’s view on the game is a welcome change of pace. This one is pretty solid, with a breakdown of returning starter numbers on both sides of the ball for both teams and other useful tidbits of information.

I do have to raise an objection to their closing sentence, however:

If Carolina can find a running game and limit their turnovers, they can win this game. If no solution can be found for the ground attack, however, this one could get ugly quickly as the Wolfpack’s defensive personnel are heavily skewed to playing the pass.

Two things make this assertion a bit suspect: One, Mike Archer’s zone scheme gives up a ton of passing yards, and two, our defensive secondary is one of the identified question marks heading into the season.

Nevertheless, a solid writeup and worth your time if you’re tired (like I am) of looking for anything worth reading during the dead period between spring and fall sports.

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