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Official Story On Hill’s Title

May 29, 2009 link

As per usual, Tim Peeler does a great job fleshing out the details of the story. Some of the best quotes during Matt’s remarkable run have come from Richard Sykes, golf coach at State who’s seen quite a few tremendous golfers come through his doors over the years. To hear him speak about what Hill’s done since March helps amplify just what an amazing accomplishment is:

“He played the way he has played all year long,” Sykes said. “Very consistent. He did not try shots he could not make. He did not get himself into trouble. When he had to make big shots, he made them.

“The only word I can think of to describe it all is ‘magical.’”

Hill becomes the second golfer in NCAA history to win his conference title, the NCAA regional title and the NCAA national title, all in one year. Tiger Woods did it first in 1996 while at Stanford*

For some further reading, Peeler (I guess he was bored?) compiled a rundown of all 29 individual national champions in State’s history. It’s an interesting read.

*Edited to correct Hill as second, not first, golfer to accomplish this feat.

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