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Carter-Finley Renovation Update Over At

May 26, 2009
For those curious about the state of Carter-Finley’s field removal/replacement, Tim Peeler has some photos up, along with a recap of the proceedings.

Here’s Peeler’s breakdown of the timetable for the coming months:

Currently, new irrigation pipes are being buried underneath the playing surface, a two-week process that was slightly delayed because of rain. Once all irrigation and drainage pipes are installed and approved – which should happen by the end of the month – the field will get a layer of gravel for drainage.

Once that is completed and approved, the time-consuming process of testing the sand-peat mixture will begin, Brincefield said. Everything will go through a particle-size analysis for organic content, infiltration rates and other important data that will help determine how well the flat field will drain water.

Throughout May and June, the synthetic sidelines, which will be different than the playing surface, will be installed. It will include a layer of gravel, a rug and a sand/rubber surface mixture.

From July 1 through Aug. 1, the growth of the sod will be carefully monitored to make sure the root depth reaches between six to eight inches.

There is some built-in wiggle room to allow for inclement weather, Brincefield said, but if all goes as planned the entire project should be completed by the time football coach Tom O’Brien and his team holds their first scrimmage on the field in mid-August.

Photos after the jump:


Enjoy (click on the image to see full size):

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