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ACC Coaches: You Suck

May 14, 2009
Thanks for nothing, ACC basketball coaches.

Before you was a golden opportunity to strike a major blow to one of the major problems facing ACC basketball post-expansion–imbalanced conference scheduling–and instead of taking a step forward by voting to increase the conference slate from 16 games to 18, you unanimously voted against it.

Hey, thanks for that.

Thanks for ensuring that each and every season we’ll have a team like Virginia in 2006 that finishes way above their station by playing a weak conference slate. Thanks for ensuring that the Big Four misses on a great chance of increasing the number of home-and-away series with each Big Four school each year. Thanks for pussing out on the opportunity of more television dollars with the conference television package in favor of ensuring that you can keep two guaranteed wins on the schedule.

So instead of the Pack facing Duke twice a season every year while adding another home-and-away, for example, State will continue to face the Devils just once a season most years. Further, the league as a whole will continue to suffer come Selection Sunday as selection committee members are forced to parse through the strength of each team’s conference slate to determine if one team’s 9-7 conference mark is actually WORSE in value than another team’s 8-8 finish. Don’t try to sell me, coaches, that keeping UM-Baltimore County and William and Mary on your docket improves your chances of making the tournament field. If you’re so dangerously close to the selection line that you need those two cupcakes to get in–versus proving yourself in two more conference games–you probably don’t deserve to be in the field in the first place.

For an excellent look at how an 18-game conference schedule might’ve broken down, here’s an archived article from the folks at SFN.

So, as Steven Colbert would say, a Wag Of The Finger to you 12 coaches for denying what the vast majority of ACC basketball fans want and what the Big East has already proven: that 18 conference games can, and does, work.

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