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Chicken Soup For The Brain…Check It, For The Soul

April 4, 2009
Gary Hahn, Voice Of The Wolfpack, has a short story featured in “Chicken Soup For The Soul, Inside Basketball.”

Hahn nearly tossed away the opportunity to appear in the book when he was approached through the mail. At first, Hahn thought he had nothing to contribute.

“I was about ready to shove it into the trash and then something flashed into my mind…I thought, well maybe I do,” Hahn said.

Hahn thought of former N.C. State Coach Les Robinson, whose role in the early 1990s was to make the players more students than athletes. As a result, the team’s record tumbled.

“Les is sort of a hero of mine in a way because he really sacrificed…his college basketball coaching career for the good of N.C. State,” Hahn said.

There’s no indication how many “check it”s, “running one-handers in the lane” or “yo-yo-ing the basketball between the keys” made it into the story. We can only hope it was a substantial amount to lend it that air of Hahn authenticity.

(j/k Gary. You’re good people.)

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