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Rumors regarding Lee Fowler…

April 3, 2009
OK, so the Monkey Board and StateFansNation are both ablaze with the rumor that the Board of Trustees had an emergency meeting this evening regarding Lee Fowler.

There’s a good chance there’s nothing to this…but there’s an awful lot of talk for this to be just one random FSB ‘tard stirring up trouble. If it’s a hoax, it’s a good one.

UPDATE, 12:15pm: For all the commotion 12 hours ago, things have gotten very quiet. About all most folks have been able to glean is that there was no secret, backroom BOT meeting after all, but that’s about it. SFN is still at full tilt, with commenters left and right tossing out all sorts of theories. The further they diverge from one another, the more it makes this look like a hoax.

We shall see…

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