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Torry Holt asks for release from the Rams

March 5, 2009 link

Could Torry be heading home to play for the Panthers? Possibly, now that Holt has asked to be released from his contract with St. Louis.

Per the St. Louis Dispatch via WRAL, Holt has been on the trading block for a while now with no takers and is due a $1.25 million signing bonus on March 17th.

It will be interesting to see if he winds up in Charlotte. Holt’s made no bones about enjoying the idea of being a Panther, and the Panthers could use a savvy counterpart to Steve Smith to help keep the defensive double teams at bay. It’s not hard to imagine Holt signing for below market value to retire in Charlotte, close to his home of Gibbsonville. The flip side of the equation is whether the Panthers have the cap room and need to take on an aging wide receiver (Holt is 32). They resigned Muhsin Muhammad last year after a sabbatical in Chicago and have six receivers listed on their two deep at the moment, per

Holt played at State from 95-98 and is the Pack’s all-time leader in nearly every pass catching category. He was drafted sixth overall by the Rams, won a Super Bowl ring his rookie season and has been selected to six Pro Bowls.

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